Our Ministries

The heartbeats of our church are our ministries. This is really where Christian life happens. Our goal is to connect with one another, grow in Christ, and ultimately serve other people. Our ministry groups are where we pray together, fellowship, break bread together, and learn from God’s Word. We celebrate our blessing and support each other through life’s challenges.

Music & Arts Ministry

True worship and praise is about exalting, adoring and acknowledging what God has done in our lives. It is an outward expression of an intimate and profound relationship with God – the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Worship can be done with a group of people, or by ourselves. We can worship God in church or in our living rooms. Location or how many people are involved doesn’t matter. When we come before the Lord with a pure and repentant heart, He will bless us with His grace and mercy.

Many people associate worship and praise with music, but there are certainly other types of expression. We can worship and praise God through raising our hands in adoration, dance, art, through the use of poetry, mime, and even through theatrical presentations. Our Music and Arts Ministry is where we use all God given talent for His glory.

We meet at least twice every month to prepare for public worship at Sunday service. service.

Women’s Ministry

Every woman desires friends who will walk with her through life’s joys and sorrows. We are ready to join you on that journey. Our Bible studies, fellowships, outreach activities, and service projects will help you develop deeper relationships with Jesus Christ and other women.

We meet in Bible studies as well as monthly gatherings outside the church setting to strengthen our relationship with one another as well as with our Lord.

Men’s Ministry

Our goal is to reach and engage every man in ministry from pulpit to pew. We aim to offer men support, fellowship and relationships that strengthen their Christian walk. We want to help men meet the challenges of being a husband, father, and wage earner in today’s society. Our task is to impact the men of the church and equip them to be the leaders God has called them to be.

We meet in Bible studies as well as in accountability circles strategically scheduled to keep men walking in their faith and following our Lord.

Community Outreach

We believe the abundant life Jesus came to bring goes far beyond our church building and usual congregational activities. Christianity is more than a religion; it’s a way of life. As committed believers it is our responsibility to go outside of traditional church settings and encourage this Christian lifestyle.

We also believe that Christians are the salt of the earth and light of the world. We are called to impact the world by personally demonstrating this abundant life. Today’s outreach efforts should be more creative now than ever before. Our community outreach and networking events are innovative ways to introduce seekers to the body of Christ.



It is our goal to develop mature Christians by continually studying God’s Word. Solid Foundation is our fundamental bible study program and Bible-In-Life series by David C. Cook is our weekly Christian Education material for the entire family. Each lesson is designed to bring clarity, help you understand your salvation, increase scriptural knowledge as well as introduce biblical principals in a relevant way. It does not matter if this is all new, or if you have had years of Christian experience. It is important that we build a solid foundation in the Word of God as we serve our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our family oriented ministry takes a holistic approach. We are concerned with more than a person’s spiritual needs; we are concerned with all of their needs. Our focus is on faith, family, fellowship, finances and fitness. We pay more attention to where someone is going than where they have been. Our aim is to identify each person’s God-given gifts or talents and help them develop them for God’s glory.